At the Lincoln Park District, we believe that volunteerism is one of the highest forms of recreation!  Volunteering helps your community, enriches your leisure time and offers you the opportunity to develop new interests and friendships.

Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals or groups in on-going programs and/or special projects and events.  We will match your skills and interests with the right volunteer position.

Volunteers must be 14 years of age to independently volunteer.  Youth younger than age 14 may volunteer with a parent or legal guardian.

All volunteers are considered ambassadors for the Lincoln Park District.  As ambassadors, volunteers are expected to be courteous and helpful to guests, other volunteers and staff. Being an ambassador also means that volunteers be enthusiastic and have a good time!

Special Event Volunteers

Those individuals with limited available time for volunteering. There are numerous events each year from which to choose. You will find that volunteering is your ticket into the event and sometimes includes a hidden bonus or two! Perhaps you might enjoy volunteering with a group of friends or your family. Once you have experienced the fun and excitement of volunteering for a Park District special event, you will understand why volunteers return year after year.

All participants in the volunteer program must sign a Volunteer Liability Waiver. By doing so, the volunteer is covered with general liability insurance and a secondary accident insurance up to $5,000 for injuries incurred while performing the volunteer duties as assigned. The individual’s personal health coverage or Medicare/Medicaid coverage must pay first.

The Lincoln Park District attempts to give each volunteer a good experience. Each volunteer is considered important and is counted on to be at the event at the appropriate time and place. Volunteers are asked to call if they cannot attend as promised.

Anyone interested in being a volunteer should stop by the Park District office to pick up the required forms. If you have any questions, please call (217) 732-8770 or stop by the office located at 1400 Railer Way, Lincoln, IL 62656.