*Student/Youth Participants (Ages 14-17) and a Parent/Guardian are required to complete an under 18 authorization form at the Front Office prior to use of the Strength or Circuit Room. Ages 12-13 must have a doctor recommendation and signature plus an equipment orientation and be accompanied by an adult within arms’ reach to use weights/circuit equipment.

**A Family is designated as up to 2 adults and 4 children under the age of 21, living at the same address.  Any additional adults or children will be charged  an individual rate (no exceptions). When purchasing a Family Membership, all children under the age of 14 will receive a Track & Court Membership. Children 14+ qualify for one membership lower than the adults’, unless an upgrade is purchased. (Age limitations still apply and pre-authorization forms are required.)

Upgrade Fees (If Age-Eligible):

Upgrade to Strength –  $35/child (1 year) & $15/child (3-month)                           Upgrade to Circuit – $40/child (1 year) & $25/child (3-month)

In District refers to Lincoln Park District residents living within Lincoln City Limits, who, through Lincoln City Property Taxes, make a financial contribution to the operation of the Park District. If there is a question of your tax or same-address status, you may be asked to bring your most recent tax bill, Driver’s License, or utility bill for verification of residence.
Out of District refers to residents living outside the boundary of the Lincoln Park District.
Military Discount
The Lincoln Park District offers a 15% Military Discount on a full year membership to all Active Duty Military and Veterans who have been honorably discharged or generally discharged under honorable conditions.  We want to honor those who have served our country!

Business Discount