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Fitness Information

The Lincoln Park District has a variety of both cardio and strength equipment to choose from. If you are new to the area and don’t want to work out alone, the Lincoln Park District offers a huge variety of group fitness classes for all fitness levels.  Each class is designed to be safe, effective, fun and trendy.  Staff are all certified instructors who are friendly and motivating.  Choose from nearly 30 classes each week, all free with your affordable membership or just $5.00 per class.

*pre-registration is required, see links in the calendar

(Excludes Track & Court level memberships)

Group Fitness Class Schedule

For a detailed schedule of classes with dates and times, please refer to the Event Calendar.

Daily Fees

Fitness Classes: $5.00 per class or are included in Strength and Circuit Memberships

All Spin® Cycling classes are held in the Spin Studio. All other fitness classes are held in the Aerobics Studio unless noted on the schedule.

Classes are subject to change due to class participation or instructor availability.

Group Fitness Staff

Jennifer Prather, Fitness Manager

Mark Graue, Spinning Instructor

Taylor Rohrer, Instructor

Ashleigh Mauhar, Instructor

Jennifer Bailey, Instructor

Amanda Minikel, Instructor

Sheralyn Bolton, Instructor

Rachael Welker, Zumba Instructor

Jody Harris, Spinning Instructor

Chris Thomas, Zumba Instructor

Jacki Pavlik, Instructor

Heather Ramey, Instructor

Visit The Calendar

To view all current and future classes and courses offered, visit the Lincoln Park District calendar!

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