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How can I reach the Park District?
Lincoln Park District
1400 Railer Way
Lincoln, IL 62656
(217) 732-8770
Fax: (217) 732-9521
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Are there official rules/regulations for use of the parks of the Lincoln Park District?
Yes, there is an official document! It is available at the Administration Center front desk.

How do I report vandalism, graffiti or other problems in a park?
To report any problems in a park, please call us at (217) 732-8770. To report vandalism in progress, please call the Lincoln Police Department 911.

Who do I contact to rent a facility?
The Park District has a variety of venues to choose from to stage your special occasion. Call the Administrative Center at 217-732-8770 or e-mail us for more details. 

Are there any jobs available right now?
Check out our available openings on the Employment Opportunities page for more details about positions available. 

How can I make a donation to the Park District?
Through the Memorial programs you can honor a special person or recognize a special occasion by donating a tree or purchasing a bench or other equipment for the Park District. Check out the Donors Programs page for more information detailing the many ways you can help the Lincoln Park District. 

How do I register for programs?
A Program Registration form is available for download in the "Documents" section located on this page. Registrations are accepted both in-person and by mail. 

Why are there two prices for some programs listed in the brochure?
Lincoln Park District residents, through property taxes, make a financial contribution to the operation of the Park District. Non-residents pay the second fee listed. Program fees are used to offset a part of the costs for instructors, facilities and program supplies.

How do I prove residency?
You must present a form of ID containing your Lincoln address. A driver's license, utility bill, property tax bill or a personal check with your address are all acceptable.